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What exactly is a photo card? :: TOP
A flat, single sided, full color, custom designed card based on your photo submissions. Cards are professionally printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Photo Paper which are guaranteed to last a lifetime! 'designs by cp' logo appears on the back of each card.

When will I receive my proofs? :: TOP
I will send you a proof within 72 hours (if not less) based on the card you choose, your photo submissions and information you provide me with. You will receive a password protected link upon completion, so that you can both view your proof, and request any edits/changes.

What is a proof? :: TOP
A proof is a low resolution digital image of your announcement. With each paid order, you will also receive a digital copy that can be sent to family, friends & co-workers via email, posted on your website or blog, etc. etc.

Do I get a final proof before my order is printed? :: TOP
Yes. You will receive an email letting you know when you can check your account to view your edits. Once you approve your final proof, it is sent to print. Final proofs should be checked carefully for any additional edits or mistakes. I cannot be responsible for any errors once the proof is approved and printed. A physical proof can be sent via US mail for an additional $3.00 charge, however please note that this extends the ordering process.

How do I send my photos? ::
Photos must be submitted via email. It is best that photos be saved at a high resolution (at least 300dpi, 1200x1800 pixels). Please do not crop or edit the photos, but rather send me the full original image. Email them to

Can I use photos that were taken by a professional photographer? :: TOP
Yes, as long as you have a signed release form from the photographer. This includes photos taken at JcPenney, WalMart, Picture People, SEARS, etc.

Can I email my invitations? :: TOP
Please ask for an 'email version' of your final design if you would like to send them out electronically. I will send you a screen resolution version to use for this purpose. Please note that this version will not be suitable for printing.

Can you change a color photograph to black and white or sepia?:: TOP
Yes, I am more than happy to edit your photo to change it from color to b/w or sepia.

Can I mix and match layouts, fonts, text and colors? :: TOP
Yes. All designs can be altered to match the colors and theme of your special event. Please note these special requests under "Specific Details" on your order form.

Can I order my cards in another language besides English? :: TOP
Yes, however you must provide the text in the language of your choice. I am fluent in Spanish and can assist you in translating your card, I also have various sample versus to choose from. There is a 25 minimum card order if you would like a set of cards in a different language.

Do you require a deposit? :: TOP
No. If you are ordering an existing sample, I will begin design as soon as I receive your order, information & photos. Upon proof approval and receipt of payment, your cards will be printed. If you are ordering a custom design, a $25.00 deposit is required, which will then be applied to your final order.

What payment methods do you accept? :: TOP
I accept money orders, personal checks, and all major credit cards via PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal funds). You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card to process your order.

How do I make my final payment? :: TOP
You will receive an invoice once you have approved your final proof. If you choose to use PayPal, you will receive a PayPal invoice and your cards can be shipped the following day. If you pay with an e-check, your order will not go to print until your e-check has cleared. Please contact me if you would like to mail a check or money order.

How much will it cost me to mail my photo cards? :: TOP
Postage requires a regular 0.41 cent stamp within the U.S.
5x5 (squared) cards require additional postage, approximately 0.65 cents.

Do you ship outside the U.S.? :: TOP
No, at this time I can only process orders within the United States.

I do not have a digital photo of the image I really want to use, is there anything else I can do? :: TOP
If you have a physical photo, and do not have a scanner, you can mail it to me and it will be returned with your order. Scanning services are $2.00 per photo. Please note that I cannot scan any copyrighted material.

Can you ship my order overnight? :: TOP
Yes! Email me for a quote:

Can I order envelopes in advance? :: TOP
Yes. This is a definite plus for moms-to-be! Who has time to address and stamp envelopes once the baby has arrived? Envelopes are 0.20 cents each plus shipping and handling. Envelope costs themselves will be credited back on completion of your final order. Please note that envelopes are included with every order, thus pre-ordering is suggested only if you'd like to get a head start and so that you can mail your cards as soon as you receive them from me!

Do you offer gift certificates? :: TOP
Yes, I can custom design a gift certificate for your special occasion - i.e. baby shower, engagement gift, etc. For an additional $18.00 charge your custom gift certificate and envelopes will be mailed to you in advance in our exclusive 'designs by cp' packaging which is perfect for gift giving. Please note that this charge covers all of the following: shipping and handling for pre-sending gift certificate and envelopes, as well as your recipients' shipping charges once their order is completed.

Do you place our card on your website? :: TOP
Not always and only if I have your permission! I try to update my site with current "catalog designs" as frequently as possible. Most of the time, I replace photos with a few of my own as well as replace all the stats with fictional information.

Are you a stay-at-home mom? :: TOP
I was a school educator and administrator for 20 years who is currently a 'stay-at-mom' in hopes of growing our family through adoption.

What if my question still is not answered? :: TOP
No Problem! Please contact me at and I will get back to you within 24 hours - really I will!

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