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AdvertisingYour Camera ::
Image quality is highly important in order to achieve the best final print possible. The first thing to look for is how to set the quality of the pictures to the highest setting. It is best that photos are at least 1200x1800 pixels or 300dpi. Turn off your flash and date stamp feature. You must sign off on the use of any photos submitted with a dpi lower than 300.

Lighting ::
In most cases, natural light will produce the best results. Take your photos near a bright window or in a room lit up by natural sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight and using the flash. The soft light of a lamp is better than using flash. Overcast days are perfect for photography and sometimes result in the best lighting conditions!

Photos ::
For Invitations, Save the Dates, or other photo cards ideas: Make sure you have good lighting, a nice background, smile and have fun! Photos taken in nice locations such as the beach, park or places with nice scenery result in the nicest photo cards.

For baby announcements: Time your photo session for when your baby is fed, well rested and alert - and be prepared to take tons of photos! Remember, you will often need to take at least 20 pictures to find one quality photo. Avoid busy backgrounds and clothes, and instead focus on your baby's face. Babies look best in their birthday suit or I recommend simple, solid colored outfits or onesies. Get down to baby's level and photograph them in both sitting and lying positions. Prop them up on a pillow or other comfy item and cover it with a solid colored blanket or sheet. Sleeping shots are also very nice. Capture your baby's different emotions (a cry, a yawn, a smile, a wink, etc.) and don't forget to focus on their eyes - especially if they are open! For even nicer announcements, consider capturing your baby's tiny toes, feet, little fisted hands and belly buttons. Incorporate yourself in the photos, by having your baby grasp your finger, hold or wear mom and dad's wedding bands or cradle their tiny head in your hands. Close up shots are great, but make sure your camera remains in focus.

Carefully examine all the photos you have taken, choose up to five of your most favorite and send them to

Editing ::
Please submit all your photos unedited, as I am able to do all cropping, conversions to black and white or sepia and digital effects myself. While I can correct brightness, contrast and color balance, I cannot correct a blurry or grainy image, so make sure your photo is clear. I cannot uncrop or fully recolor a black and white photograph. Photos are only accepted in jpeg format and should be at least 300dpi or 1200x1800 pixels.

Professional Photos ::
When using a professional photo, you must get permission from the studio and / or photographer. Please obtain a written release. It is your legal responsibility to do so.

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